Environmental Interest Group

Tips from Carol Thombs


The big recycling bins placed throughout the county (at Buehler’s, high schools, township and city halls, Chippewa Rd. on the hike/bike trail parking lot, etc.) have been filling up to overflowing lately as people have been homebound and are paying more attention to their waste materials. It is helpful to know that the bins are generally emptied on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you time your trips early on Tuesday or Thursday you will have an easier time of disposing of appropriate items. Remember to place only accept- able materials in these bins! Use this link to find information on the Medina County’s solid waste disposal site.

Eliminate all gas-powered mowers, blowers, snippers and trimmers which could cut as much air pollution as taking a quarter of the nation’s vehicles off the road!!

Plant trees around your home and use plants inside your home. Plants not only lower greenhouse emissions and provide habitats for wildlife, they can also lower home energy costs by keeping your place cool.

Want to do more? Be part of an environmental interest group now organizing in our branch. Contact Carol Thombs: cgthombs98@; 330-421-1932.