2022 Photos

Diversity Photo

Diversity Book Group outing to hear author Isabelle Wilkerson speak. Left to right: Kristi Thomsen, Robin Hawkins, Jeannine Murray, and Anne Bruno.

Wow, it is great to be meeting in person again! Here are some of our photos for the year.

2022 Photos

2021 Photos

Board 2021.08

Newly elected AAUW Board members: (left to right) Allison Lee, Joyce Rynearson, Pieri Levandofsky and Kim Oliver.

COVID made it a challenging year for any group to hold meetings. Starting the year remotely, but finishing strong with some in-person meetings, our members stayed strong, learning, raising money for our scholarships and the Battered Women’s shelter, even holding Sister to Sister online.

2021 Photos

2020 Photos

Program Photo 2020.03

Breaking the Glass Ceiling panelists, Colleen Rice Carole Kowell, Stacy Bonitz and Amy Demlow react to member Jill Heck’s introduction of Ms. Kowell.

2020 saw the onslaught of COVID-19, causing a lot of cancellations of events and meetings, and the loss of long-time member Pat Chaloupek to the beauty of Colorado. But through it all we kept on empowering women, even when we had to stay apart.

2020 Photos

Book Sale 2019

Book Sale 2017

After an enjoyable Members’ Night, we opened with a record crowd on the first day of the sale. Customers followed our “BOOKS” signs past construction on Rte. 42 to find us, as they always do!  Hopefully, next year we won’t have to compete with road equipment and road closings again.

Trucking along

Party time

Disinterested dog shopping with her owner

Our pricing specialist

Serious shoppers

Two members chatting

Checking photos

Clean up crew

A member and daughter shopping

One dealer checking books

“Missed a spot”

Five workers

Sue and Jill